Snowmobiling in Fernie

Why snowmobile in Fernie?

Snowmobiling in Fernie has grown over the last decade, and with good reason. With Fernie’s abundant snowfall, and established land use agreements, the options for riders of all abilities places it at the top of the list for destinations in the Canadian Rockies. The Fernie Snowmobile Association maintains over 110km of groomed trails. They also manage a number of backcountry cabins to use as base areas and warming huts for your backcountry adventures.

Where to Snowmobile in Fernie

Coal Creek is undoubtedly one of the most popular area. It is also the most easily accessed zone in the Fernie area. There are 16km of groomed trails to access the Rolling Hills area, as well as a warming cabin. There are 1000s of acres of cut blocks and glades for those seeking a little more adventure “off the groomed trail”.

The Morrissey staging area accesses some of the best intermediate-level snowmobiling in the Fernie region. Be mindful that there is privately owned land in the area. Snowmobiles are not permitted within the cat skiing terrain. Be aware that you may also encounter snowcats on the groomed access road.

Corbin is located along the westward flank of the BC/AB border and offers approximately 10km of groomed trails that access advanced and intermediate climbing zones.

From the Hartley Lake Trailhead, you can access some of Fernie’s most technical, and remote, backcountry riding. The groomed trail leads past a lake to a series of open meadows. From there, advanced and expert riders can journey into more technical and challenging terrain.

The Fernie Fox Hotel has sponsored the Fernie Snowmobile club for many years. Many visiting snowmobilers appreciate the easy access from the highway to the parking lot. It is a large parking space for those hauling trailers, and has the added security of a well lit, and highly visible location. The parking spaces also included electric connections to plug in your heaters. 

Additional Resources

Book your hotel stay at the Fernie Fox Hotel, then check out the links below for up to date information on snowpack and local snowmobile zones and events.

For local snowpack information, visit before heading into the backcountry.

For more information on local events, visit the Fernie Snowmobile Association.

All photos courtesy of Hipgnosis Media. Rider on blue & yellow snowmobile is Logan Thibodeau. Rider on red & yellow sled is Trent Behrman.

Close up of sledder turning in deep powder snow.
Snowmobile, or sled, getting air off a ridge feature.
Snowmobiler in deep powder snow.
Snowmobiler tackling a sidehill.


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