How you can sustainably travel this summer

Last month we talked about how you can be more sustainable around your home, and this month we are introducing you to some easy ways you can improve the sustainability of your travel this summer. 


Some really easy things to adopt include: 

  1. Travel at a slower pace. By reducing your speed, you will reduce your fuel consumption, and depending on the vehicle you drive, this can lead to quite substantial gains in your fuel efficiency.  Stay in locations for longer. This helps reduce the amount of time you are in transit with any form of transport, reducing the carbon fuels you are consuming to travel. And when you are in one place for longer periods, you often have time to walk and explore, really enhancing your experience of the places you visit.
  2.  Support places that also support sustainable tourism. There are many towns and cities all over the world that have sustainable practices in place, as well as hotels, transport companies, and tours. Be sure to have a look before you go if the businesses you engage with give back to the community, and promote responsible and sustainable tourism best practices.
  3. Support local. By eating, shopping, and travelling locally, you are supporting local community businesses that often also support local. This also gives you a chance to really immerse yourself in the place you are in, often finding new foods, and gifts and meeting local people which creates an overall better holiday experience.
  4. Pack your own sustainable travel kits, packed with eco-friendly toiletries, your own to-go coffee mug, and reusable utensils for when you are on the road.
  5. Do your research and respect the wildlife you encounter. Do not leave rubbish behind, always be aware of the biodiversity you are travelling on, and do not interfere with the animals.


There are many more ways you too can become sustainable in your everyday life and travel.

If you have any ideas for us we’d love to hear from you. 



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At The Fernie Fox we take sustainability very seriously.

We work tirelessly to reduce our impact on the environment through everything that we do.

You will notice a lack of disposable cutlery, plates or single use plastics. Our heating system is the most efficient possible and we have an electric vehicle charger.

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