The beauty of the off-season.

The first snow has fallen, and the anticipation for winter is upon us. The beauty of our town with fresh snow on the mountain peaks, and even on resident’s lawns, is always a welcome turning point in the seasonal activity of our community. We predict we’re in for a good snow season ahead. Until then, now is the perfect time to visit Fernie and enjoy the off-season without the crowds. 

November is the chance to experience the town at a quieter pace. Fernie as a community is doing a great job minimizing the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic. The local bars, restaurants, and cafes are open, and welcome you with open arms. Shops remain open, and offer many local artisan and handcrafted goods, the perfect Christmas gifts to help support small businesses. If you’re wanting some relaxing time out, there are also spas and salons downtown offering relaxing pamper packages, perfect for some self care. 

If the slower pace doesn’t quite fit in with your adventure seeking agenda, not to worry! There are still plenty of activities to get you out getting after it. Fatbiking is becoming a favorite 3 season activity to extend the pedalling season once the trails get snowcovered. In the early stages of winter, hiking is still a great option for a little exercise with minimal gear requirements, and as the snow gets deeper, strap on some snowshoes to continue your walks in the woods.

If you’re visiting from out of town, or out of province, please remember that while masks are not mandated, “It is now the expectation that people will wear a non-medical mask in public spaces” according to Dr Henry, the Provincial Health Officer. Please help us keep our community, safe, healthy, and strong by doing your part to adhere to all health and safety precautions.



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Keeping it Green

At The Fernie Fox we take sustainability very seriously.

We work tirelessly to reduce our impact on the environment through everything that we do.

You will notice a lack of disposable cutlery, plates or single use plastics. Our heating system is the most efficient possible and we have an electric vehicle charger.

To read more about our environmental practices please visit our sustainability page.