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Supporting Local

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Supporting our local Fernie community is important to us!


At The Fernie Fox, we aren’t just your regular hotel, providing guests with accommodation and sustainable stays, but we are ingrained in how we exist in our Fernie community. We believe in the power of giving back and investing in the people, businesses, and organisations that make Fernie an extraordinary place to be. 


Here’s a look into why we are so passionate about supporting our local community.


  1. Creating a Memorable Visitor Experience


We want our guests to do more than just stay at our hotel; we want them to truly experience the heart and soul of Fernie. By partnering with local businesses, we offer our guests exclusive discounts and unique experiences that showcase the genuine charm of our community. Supporting local events and businesses ensures our visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Fernie culture, creating lasting memories.


  1. Strengthening the Local Economy


Investing in the local community is not only a matter of ethics but also economics. When we support local businesses, we help to create jobs, and boost the Fernie economy. This, in turn, makes our community more vibrant and sustainable.


  1. Building Meaningful Relationships


Supporting our local community is not just a transaction; it’s about building lasting relationships with the people who live and work here. By engaging with our neighbors, we gain valuable insights into the needs and aspirations of our community, allowing us to make more meaningful contributions.


Our Commitment in Action


We take our commitment to the Fernie community seriously, and here are some ways in which we actively support and invest in the local area:


  1. Charitable Donations: We believe in giving back. Each year we make a number of large donations to our community to support education, or environmental protection and social welfare, our donations always aim to address various needs within the community.


  1. Inclusive Rates: We strive to make Fernie accessible to everyone, with a standard rate across all our hotel rooms. We do offer special business and group rates to acknowledge the contribution of larger bookings. 


  1. Volunteering: We encourage both our staff and guests to get involved in the community. 


  1. Local Sourcing: We believe in the quality of local products and services. Whenever possible, we purchase from local businesses, contributing to the growth and prosperity of our community.


  1. Sustainability: We are deeply committed to sustainable practices in our operations. Reducing our environmental impact and supporting local suppliers go hand in hand. Our commitment to sustainability aligns with our dedication to the local community.


At The Fernie Fox, we take immense pride in being a part of the Fernie community. Our commitment to supporting our neighbour’s and making Fernie a better place for everyone is a reflection of our love for this remarkable town. We invite you to join us in celebrating the magic of Fernie and the beauty of community.


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