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The Fernie Fox Hotel: Rebranded to offer new hotel accommodation in Fernie BC.

Fireworks being shot off the roof of the Fernie Fox Hotel to celebrate the hotel's rebrand as an accommodation provider in Fernie BC

From New Hotel to Rebranded Property

To know where you are going, it is worthwhile looking at where you have been. With the launch of this new hotel accommodation in Fernie BC, the former owner of the hotel shared some history, and photos of the property as it was being built.

The site was previously the location of the Fernie Brick factory. It produced the yellow bricks you see in many of the historical buildings around town. After the brick factory closed, the site became a farm. it operated for a number of years before becoming rundown. It was then purchased, and the decision was made to build a hotel.

Construction of what is now The Fernie Fox Hotel began in early 1995. But planning for the project started much earlier. One of the key requirements in developing the site for a hotel was the realignment of Highway 3. Shortly after construction began, the flood of ‘95 caused further delay. Much of the equipment and workers were called to help mitigate flood damage. The original opening date was scheduled for Dec 1, 1995. However, construction was not completed until the end of Jan 1996. The hotel officially opened Friday, February 1, 1996. It welcomed the very first bus group that same night!

New Owners take over hotel accommodation

The Pauw family bought the business and began running the hotel on April 1, 2008. Yes, it was exactly 12 years ago from their purchase to the rebrand. Over the last couple of years, the hotel has undergone almost a complete renovation. The rooms and furnishings have all been, or are in the process of being, modernized. Energy-efficient appliances are installed at every opportunity. In addition, the hotel has sourced new bed linens to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible. As a corporate citizen of Fernie and the Elk Valley, the Fernie Fox Hotel is ensuring the business is sustainable and responsible to the community. It is constantly striving to improve the facility’s environmental impact and social responsibilities.

The Pauw’s would like to thank all of their past guests for helping build the reputation of their business. They look forward to inviting you and your friends to come and enjoy their new hotel accommodation in Fernie, BC.

Once you’ve booked your stay at the Fernie Fox Hotel be sure to check out Tourism Fernie to see what’s happening in town during your visit.

Photo showing view of Highway 3 in Fernie BC looking towards Fernie Alpine Resort and Lizard Range prior to Fernie Fox Hotel being built.
View from the highway prior to construction
Photo showing view of Lizard Range prior to Fernie Fox Hotel being built.
The Hotel site in the winter, with views of the Lizard Range
Image showing concrete crane pouring foundation of Fernie Fox Hotel during construction.
Pouring the foundation upon which the Fernie Fox Hotel is built.
Image of the original hot tub..
The original hottub.
Image of laundry stacked almost to the ceiling.
The laundry room.
A games room with arcade games and pool table, prior to the space being converted into a communal kitchen.
The games room. This space has been converted into the communal kitchen area.


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