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Mountain Biking in Fernie

mountain biking in Fernie down a trail with view of Lizard Range near Fernie BC_photo by Kyle Hamilton

Fernie has long been known as a destination in the mountain bike world. As riding styles have changed, so too has the types of trails being constructed in the area. Fernie is surrounded by a network of trails that range from leisurely and suitable for anyone just getting into the sport, to so serious even professionals get nervous thinking about them. Mountain biking in Fernie should be on the bucket list of everyone.

Where to bike?

There are 5 main riding areas in Fernie. Mt Proctor, Ridgemont, Castle Mountain/Montane, Mt Fernie Provincial Park, and Ski Hill. Each area has a distinct feel and flow to the trails. Currently, Ridgemont is closed to the public as the result of the landowners closing access, and Mt Fernie Provincial Park is closed due to provincial orders as a result of Covid-19. Ridgemont and Castle Mountain are typically the first areas to open in the spring because of their predominantly south-southwest aspects. Mt Proctor and the local favourite, Swine Flu, along with Castle Mountain/Montane are usually right behind them, and the Ski Hill and Mt Fernie last to clear up due to their more northerly aspects, and denser forests.

Stay at the Fernie Fox Hotel

The Fernie Fox Hotel is located within an easy pedal distance of all of Fernie’s trails. It is a great place to stay when you are mountain biking in Fernie. The hotel also has a bike wash station on site. Check out a summary of the other amenities we offer here. Our hotel is open as of June 1, and exploring Fernie’s trails are a fantastic way of staying healthy and maintaining social distance. But please, keep things under control and well within your riding limits. This season is all about #notgnarandnotfar. Get your Fernie Mountain Bike Club membership here to help support trail building and maintenance programs.


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