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Earth Day


Earth Day, April 22, 2020

The global response to the Covid-19 pandemic has created some interesting environmental impacts. From the canals in Venice clearing up to a reduction in NO2 emissions over China. Many of the actions advocated to minimize climate change were enacted in less than a month’s time. So, this Earth Day will be different from days gone by. We are in the middle of a public health crisis. It is changing not only our personal day-to-day interactions, but also our business, and travel patterns. Will this lead to an increased focus on eco-tourism and sustainable travel?

Moving towards a focus on sustainable travel

We hope that when we come out of this situation that people continue to see the value of travelling, learning about new cultures, and experiencing new places. We also hope to see a shift in the ways that people evaluate their travel choices. Questioning the impact of travel on the environment, and the local community? How will your visit not only positively impact you, but also those around you?

The Fernie Fox Hotel is focused on ensuring that the hotel is not only as sustainable as possible but that we give back to our community in meaningful ways. From eliminating single-use plastics, to offering scholarships and sponsorship of local events, we make sure that our operations support not just our family, but the families of our staff and our community.

Our Commitment to the Earth

To read more about the extent of our efforts to support the environment, please visit our webpage dedicated to listing our sustainability efforts. We are the only hotel property in Fernie with an onsite EV charging station. If you’ve made the decision to travel in an EV to minimize your greenhouse gas emissions, you can rest easy knowing that we support your efforts at sustainable travel. After a night with us, you will be fully recharged in mind, body, and vehicle.

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