Charging Stations On-Site

Sustainable practices and environmental awareness are two of the key values that we embody in our daily operations at the Fernie Fox. We are always refining how we operate, and what we teach our team to ensure we are up to date with the best practices for our environment that is suitable for our team, business and guests.  

Our latest initiative is  the installation of a Tesla Destination charging station, so guests can charge their electric vehicles overnight whilst enjoying their stay. This is our second EV charging station, making us the only hotel property in Fernie with 2 EV charging stations on site. No matter what type of electric vehicle you drive, you’ll be sure to get a restful, recharging night, while your vehicle does the same.

The environmental, and economical, advantages for having an electrical vehicle include:

Reduced pollution: the running of an EV in comparison to a regular vehicle is the reduction of  harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions, as an EV has zero exhaust emissions.

Reduced maintenance: no need to change any fluids, and with fewer moving parts, there are fewer mechanical breakdowns.

Renewable energy: If you choose renewable energy to recharge your EV, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions even further.  The popularity of available charging stations around Canada has significantly increased, so this is now a more convenient option for EV owners. In BC, in particular, our electricity is generated through hydro-electric dams, meaning there is no fossil fuels being burnt in the production of our electricity.

Eco-friendly materials: There is also a trend towards a more eco-friendly production and use of recyclable materials in the development of these vehicles.

By having a charging station on-site, we can ensure that our guests have direct access to an amenity that is not offered anywhere else in the region, making a positive impact, not for the environment, and our community.



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Keeping it Green

At The Fernie Fox we take sustainability very seriously.

We work tirelessly to reduce our impact on the environment through everything that we do.

You will notice a lack of disposable cutlery, plates or single use plastics. Our heating system is the most efficient possible and we have an electric vehicle charger.

To read more about our environmental practices please visit our sustainability page.